Where's Our Park?


In 2005, the City of New York promised the neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg a 27-acre park along North Brooklyn’s waterfront.

Almost 12 years later, tens-of-thousands of new residents have moved in, but very little of Bushwick Inlet Park had been materialized.

On November 21, 2016 this all changed! The City of New York finalized a deal with the owner of the CitiStorage site, for acquiring the final piece of the full promised park. The future is now for Bushwick Inlet Park and the community of North Brooklyn! A resounding thanks to Mayor de Blasio and to a passionate resilient coalition of Our Community, Supporting Organizations, and Our Elected Officials! Read the story.

Check out our press release.

#HeresOurPark! View a collaborative vision for the future.


News & Articles

Bushwick Inlet Park Masterplan rendering from NYC Open Space Master Plan

"Maker Park” - For the Record

As many of you have seen, a group by the name of Maker Park is holding a “Design Display” meeting […]

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Bushwick Inlet Park Masterplan rendering from NYC Open Space Master Plan

Success for Bushwick Inlet Park – Now What?

Waterfront Alliance December 2, 2016 On November 22, the Brooklyn waterfront communities of Williamsburg and Greenpoint erupted in cheers at […]

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Bushwick Inlet

New York Buys Last Tract for Williamsburg Waterfront Park for $160 Million

New York Times November 24, 2016 A patchwork of weeds, rusted refineries, dilapidated warehouses and pollution-soaked land along the East […]

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CitiStorage Building

Pieces in Place for Brooklyn Waterfront Park

Wall Street Journal November 22, 2016 City to pay $160 million for final parcel of land needed for Bushwick Inlet […]

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BIP Building Facade

City buys last piece of land needed to build Bushwick Inlet Park

NY Daily News November 22, 2016 The city has finally struck a deal to buy the last chunk of land […]

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Bushwick Inlet Park Soccer Field & CitiStorage

City reaches $160 million deal for last piece of Bushwick Inlet Park

Crain’s November 22, 2016 Acquisition comes after months of tense negotiations for CitiStorage site The city has reached a $160 […]

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