Where’s Our Park?

In 2005, the City of New York promised the neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg a 28-acre park along North Brooklyn’s waterfront.

Almost a decade later, tens-of-thousands of new residents have moved in, but very little of Bushwick Inlet Park has materialized.

Now is our last chance. It’s clear that unless we come together as a community and send a forceful message to city hall, our promised park will never be delivered.


Where's Our Park?

Actions You Can Take Now


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Community Board #1 has approved a resolution AND our city, state and federal representatives have signed onto a letter to Mayor de Blasio stating they will never support rezoning or variances for the CitiStorage property. Rather they urge the Mayor to create the full park as promised in 2005!

Joseph Lentol,
50th Assembly District

Stephen Levin,
33rd City Council District

Daniel Squadron,
26th Senate District

Carolyn Maloney,
12th Congressional District

Antonio Reynoso,
34th City Council District

Martin Malave Dilan,
18th Senate District

Eric Adams,
Brooklyn Borough President

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