RALLY FOR BUSHWICK INLET PARK PLANNING MEETING- MON. FEB. 16th 7:30pm at Dirck the Norseman, 7 N.15th St. (Kent Ave)

Come to an ORGANIZING/STRATEGY meeting to help put the rally and follow-up campaign together.
The Bushwick Inlet Park Rally at City Hall is planned for Thursday March 12th (time TBA).
We need:  PR, graphics, flyer/poster design, printing, social media, creative ideas for demonstrations and community-wide outreach (buildings, orgs, schools, churches…)
Come and find out how you can make a difference in our neighborhood’s future.
Date: Monday February 16th
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Dirck the Norseman
7 N.15th Street (corner of Kent Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Critical Call to Action for the Future of Bushwick Inlet Park!

Our City Councilperson Steve Levin has confirmed that, In the aftermath of the fire at CitiStorage, one thing has become very clear:  if our neighborhood does not raise its voice – loud and unified – there is almost zero chance that the City will move to fulfill the promises for this park space made in the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning Agreement.

And the situation couldn’t be more dire.  The 11 acre CitiStorage property – the center and essential core of the promised 28 acre Bushwick Inlet Park –  could be sold for private development as-of-right (M31 commercial zoning) tomorrow.

The options appear limited:

  • The City pays market rate for the Citistorage property (unlikely because the asking price is in the hundreds of millions)
  • The City takes the property through Eminent Domain (less likely since that strategy backfired on the City on the contiguous lot)
  • The City negotiates with the owner to develop part of the property in return for open space on the rest (reneges on the 2005 WRZA promise and shortchanges the community on desperately needed open space)
  • Owner “gives” the property (or accepts a much-reduced price) as a legacy gift to the community

Without this promised park space, the per capita open space for our fast-filling community will be one of, if not, THE lowest in the entire city.  That is not just a number, that is a palpable sense of claustrophobia,  a health hazard and an irreversible decline in our quality of life – for us and, even more tangibly, for our kids.

We have no choice but to organize and rally for the future of north Brooklyn.

Help plan the action and get the word out, please come to the OSA Community Committee meeting:

Meet this Thursday, February 12th, 7pm at El Puente, 211 South 4th St. (at Roebling)

If you can’t make this meeting, there will be follow-up meetings to be announced soon.

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Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park Upcoming Meeting Makes News!

Link to the article on the Greenpoint Gazette website here or read it below!

Friends of Bushwick Inlet Regroups to Push City on 2005 Promises
Oct 02, 2014
by Tanay Warerkar

Community activists in support of increasing open space along the Williamsburg waterfront are reinvigorating their drive to attain land promised to them in the city’s 2005 rezoning of North Brooklyn.

Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, the neighborhood group spearheading community outreach and feedback in regards to the area, will meet later this month to plan strategies for communicating with the DeBlasio administration and to obtain input from neighbors. This will be the group’s first concentrated effort in about two years.

It has been almost 10 years since the rezoning took effect and the City committed about six plots of land covering 28-acres in the Bushwick Inlet for parks space, however the city has followed through with only project thus far, the soccer field located off of Kent Avenue between North 8th and 9th Streets.

The Friend’s focus had diminished in recent years, explained Group member Laura Treciokas, with members moving away and new residents coming into the neighborhood. The group is a volunteer run organization and depends entirely on the support of active community participating to carry out its work.

“We want this meeting to be a place where people can talk about what they want now,” said Treciokas. “It’s very important that this is a community led effort. And it’s not just the creation of new parks but also the stewardship of the existing ones.”

The North Brooklyn representative for the City’s Parks Department will be at the October 21st meeting to discuss new developments in the City’s fulfillment of the rezoning agreement.

According to Treciokas, a large part of the problem also lies in the change in the City’s administration. She is uncertain whether the DeBlasio administration is even aware of the lack of progress at Bushwick Inlet Park.

As part of the rezoning, the city had at the time agreed to purchase six pieces of land on the waterfront from six different organizations. So far it has only purchased three, according to the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, and subsequently only used one of those pieces of land for the creation of the soccer field.

As originally envisioned the 28-acre park would have had stretched from North 9th Street to Quay street along the Bushwick Inlet and would have included a boat launch, a museum dedicated to the USS Monitor, volleyball courts, gardens, performance spaces, a dog run, and a two mile bicycle path.

Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park update community meeting, Tuesday, October 21, 7 p.m., Bushwick Inlet Park Community Meeting Room.

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BIP Meet

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Only a year old… so why does award winning Bushwick Inlet Park look so bad?

BIP Walkway Fall 2014

BIP pathway photo

If you’ve been by Bushwick Inlet Park lately, you may have noticed that not even a year after the park opened, all the grass on the sloping roof and along the walkway is dead and the paving on the pathway up to the rooftop is badly degraded.  So why has this 2014 American Institute of Architects award winner fallen into such disrepair?

Here’s what North Brooklyn Parks Administrator and Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn Executive Director Ed Janoff had to say about it all earlier this week:

“These items are under guarantee and being addressed by Parks Capital and the construction contractor. The irrigation system in the lawn and the lawn itself is being serviced this week and the pathway coating is on the punch list for restoration – this should be addressed shortly. The Borough Office and Capital are reviewing measures to prevent these occurrences in the future.”

An update  from OSA – the problem with the irrigation system was reportedly repaired this week by one vendor, and another is expected later this week to hydroseed the lawn and mend the damaged areas of the walkway. Beginning Friday, the roof (but not the playground) will be temporarily closed to the public so the grass can rest and the mended walkway can dry.

Hopefully, these promised repairs will address the problems.  But the question remains – why did it all fall apart so quickly?  And what actions should be taken to insure that it won’t happen again?

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De Blasio Administration Moving to Fill in Pieces of Bushwick Inlet Park?

According to The New York World, the de Blasio administration is moving to fill in a missing piece of a planned waterfront park in Brooklyn — even as other parcels of needed real estate remain out of reach.

Read the whole article at http://www.thenewyorkworld.com/2014/04/07/bushwick-inlet-park/

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Volunteer for May 10th’s Riverkeeper SWEEP @ Bushwick Inlet & Park

A call for volunteers for the May 10th Riverkeeper SWEEP @ Bushwick Inlet Park shoreline.  The goal is to clean the shoreline below the soccer field (between North 9th and North 10th Street) and also the public sidewalk alongside the fence that faces the inlet itself (along Kent Avenue).

The cleanup will be from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday May 10th.

Registered volunteers are eligible for raffle prizes from Hudson River Recreation, Storm King Adventure Tours, Hudson River Expeditions and others. Volunteers who become Riverkeeper members while registering for the Sweep are eligible to win one of 10 waterproof Sprout Watches, valued at $75.  Registered volunteers also receive an invitation to Sweep to Your Brewery for a free beverage after the cleanup at Brooklyn Brewery or one of several other participating businesses.

Use the link below to sign up:


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Get Dirty & Weed at Bushwick Inlet Park

Community residents are invited to join NYC Parks Gardener Jason Beury for an afternoon of weeding and learning about native plants in Bushwick Inlet Park. Meet your neighbors and help make the park more enjoyable for everyone. We’ll meet at the park’s entrance at N. 9th St. Wear comfortable shoes/boots and pants. Questions? Contact info@gwapp.org. RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/186347218208788/

Sunday, August 4th

1:30 to 3:30 pm

Bushwick Inlet Park


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Sit. Stay. VOTE!

Friends of East River State Park have applied for funding through the Participatory Budgeting Program (PBNYC) for design and construction of a state of the art dog run accessible on Kent Avenue.

If you care about dogs and dog runs – spread the word!  Friends of East River State Park needs your vote. Only the top 5 proposals in District 33 will be funded.

Voting Details:
The People’s Firehouse: 113 Berry Street (between N 7th and N 8th Streets
Monday 4/1 – Thursday 4/4: 6-8 pm
Saturday 4/6 and Sunday 4/7: 2-5 pm

How else can you help? The campaign desperately needs folks to help distribute flyers. Click on the flyer below.  Here’s when and where:

  • Sat 3/23 at McCarren Farmers Market
  • Sat 3/30 at McCarren Farmers Market
  • Wed 4/3. 7:45am-9:30am PS 34 at 131 Norman Avenue
  • Fri 4/5. 7:30-9:30.  PS 31 at 75 Messerole Ave
  • Sat 4/6.  10-5.  Greenpoint Public Library 107 Norman Avenue

Contact info: friends.eastriverstatepark@aol.com

You can also find more information at the Friends of East River State Park Facebook page http://on.fb.me/ZhAVfR

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Demand Our Waterfront Parks! Rally and Hearing June 14th @ City Hall

Please Join Council Member Stephen Levin for a Rally to DEMAND the Waterfront Parks that this community was promised.

When: Thursday June 14th
Rally at Noon: City Hall Steps
Hearing at 1pm: 250 Broadway, 16th Floor

As part of the 2005 Greenpoint/ Williamsburg Waterfront Rezoning, Mayor Bloomberg promised the community over 30 acres of waterfront parkland, including Bushwick Inlet Park and 65 Commercial Street. Seven years later the Mayor has fallen woefully short on his promises.

Immediately after the rally (1pm) the City Council will be conducting its first ever comprehensive oversight hearing of the 2005 rezoning. Please stay after the rally and testify at this critical hearing.

Please RSVP for the rally and the hearing to Rami Metal at rmetal@council.nyc.gov or by phone at 212-788-7348. Written testimony can be submitted via email to the address above by June 14th.

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